• Bicki Bear comes from the Black Forest in Germany and arrived in Huddersfield a few summers ago. She loves to eat marmalade sandwiches and fruit like berries and apples, but is also rather fond of honey. Her most favourite food of all though is Black Forest Gateaux as it reminds her of her home.

  • Bicki plays an important role at registration as she chooses, the number, colour and shape of the week, from Bicki's box, these items are then used as a lead for the children to learn.

    She likes to play with the children at Mount Preschool and as you can see in the photos , Bicki Bear loves to paint, draw and build towers.

    Bicki Bear likes to go for sleepovers at children's homes, so she may be coming to stay with you in the future.  When she does she will bring her own special case full of clothes and a book for you to write down her adventures.  Bicki's adventures are then read out to the children at registration time.  The children love to hear about her adventures, and enjoy her sleep overs and re-live her stories.

  • Here are some of the things that Bicki Bear has done recently

    Bicki Bear has been to a Dancing class, visited Playworld and helped with shopping.  She's had numerous trips to Greenhead Park, which she adores and gets to watch the children play on the swings, slides and climbing frames.

    She has also been taken on a Caribbean Cruise which she enjoyed very much.  Met some Australian relatives and had a go on a bouncy castle.  Bicki Bear had a holiday in Pakistan where she visited a farm and recently she had a trip to Paris where she enjoyed the wonders of Disney.

    Bicki has spent many weekends at different children's homes and is being kept very busy with all the activities that the children love to do.