• Who are we & what do we do?

    Mount Preschool is situated in the hall at Mount Methodist Church on the corner of Moorlands Road.  It is within walking distance of Salendine Nook shopping centre and is in close proximity of Moorlands Primary School.

    Children who attend Mount Preschool are welcomed into a warm, secure and friendly atmosphere, where they can progress in their early years.  Within the group the children are supported in their early development by experienced staff who will work closely with the children to help them learn new skills and get prepared for entry into primary school. We firmly believe in the power of learning through play and ensure that a wide variety of activities are offered to support children’s learning.

    Our play includes water, sand, painting, drawing, role-play, construction and physical activities.  Some of our activities are messy and wet; however we do provide and encourage the children to wear aprons.

    Outside we have a soft surface play area equipped with a climbing tower, sand pit and other interesting activities. Children will play outside on most sessions as we know how much fresh air and outdoor activities benefit children. Parents are asked to send children appropriately dressed for the weather and to bring extra items in as required, for example Sun Hats, Rain Coats etc.

    All staff at Mount Preschool are experienced in caring for children and have level 3 or higher qualifications. They all hold certificates in Paediatric First Aid and attend training to further develop their own skills.

  • Here are some images from the daily routines at Mount Preschool and visits to Moorlands Primary School Forest area.

  • Sports Day

    All the children who would be leaving to attend Primary school came to our annual sports day on the top field of Moorlands Primary School.  Parents and carers can join in the fun too.

  • We had Egg & Spoon race, Relay, Sack race, Obstacle race and the Pram race. Followed by Mums race and Dads race.

    All the children had a good time despite the slight fall of rain half way through!