Settling in

As parents ourselves, we understand that it can be quite a worrying time for both you and your child starting preschool, and we hope to make it as easy as possible. For most children the first introductory visits will be sufficient and they will settle in quite quickly.  However some children take a little longer and you are welcome to stay with your child until their confidence has grown and they are happy for you to leave. 

Settling in usually takes about two weeks but if your child continues to be upset we may discuss a different approach with you that gives your child the reassurance they need to settle in.

Safeguarding Children

Here at Mount Preschool we intend to create an environment where all children are safe and secure. We do this by following guidelines in regards to all aspects of safety, including a risk assessment policy, ensuring that the entry and exit procedures are adhered to and also by Safeguarding children from any form of abuse. All staff has been trained in these procedures and any suspicions of abuse are promptly and confidentially responded to in order to promote the safety of all children in the setting.

Inclusion and Special Needs Policy

Mount Preschool is committed to provide a curriculum that welcomes all children and families, and ensures that no child (or family) is excluded from Pre-school, or any activity on the grounds of means, gender, sexuality, age, ability, ethnic origin, culture, religion or family status. Children identified as having additional needs will be welcomed and our Special Educational Needs o-ordinator will liaise with parents and other professionals to promote thier learning and development.

Toileting Policy

We understand the development of children and that some are quicker than others at becoming independent at going to the toilet.  We accept that some new children will still need assistance and may still wear nappies or pull-ups.  We ask that parents carefully read our policy regarding toileting and that spare clothes and nappies/pull-ups are brought to pre-school in a named bag.

Parents as Partners

The Children’s Act 1989 states that all children should be cared for in ways that are consistent with their family values, practices and expressed wishes.  This includes religion, origin, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  At Mount Preschool we feel that children need consistent care to feel secure.  As their parents or primary carers, you will have the most knowledge of your child and any information you feel we will need in the best interests of your child will only be to their benefit.  Likewise we will relay any information we feel you need to consolidate your child’s learning outside of pre-school.