Ofsted – We were last inspected in November 2016 and the setting achieved a ‘Good’ rating here are some of the findings below

Inspection findings

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff regularly refresh their knowledge of child protection issues, including most recent government guidance. They know the procedures to follow if they have any concerns about the welfare of a child or the practice of another member of staff. Sound recruitment and induction procedures are in place to ensure that all staff are suitable for their role. The manager’s observations of staff practice and staff supervision highlight their training needs. Staff are committed to continuing their professional development and improving their skills and knowledge. They have recently attended a number of training courses to enhance their teaching skills. Staff use their new knowledge to enhance their practice, to improve the outcomes for children. The pre- school has robust policies and procedures to support good practice. Partnerships with parents and other agencies and professionals involved in children’s care and learning are good. Information is regularly exchanged to ensure continuity for the children.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good

Staff have the skills to provide support and encouragement for children in all areas of learning. Two-year-old children receive enthusiastic hands-on engagement and positive interactions. Older children are encouraged through discussion, effective questions and demonstrations of how to experiment in their play. For example, children discuss and observe why and how ice melts to release the plastic polar bears and penguins trapped inside. Children show growing levels of curiosity and intrigue. They ask questions, wanting to know more. Staff routinely use the information they already know about children well when planning activities. They observe children to gain knowledge about their interests and to assess their abilities. Assessments are accurate and used to plan for children’s next steps in learning. The manager monitors the progress of groups of children. This helps identify additional support children may need.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good

Children’s physical development is promoted well. Daily activities in the outdoors ensure they are active. Children practise moving in various ways, such as balancing, climbing and running. Staff supervise children well, while enabling them to explore and manage risks. Staff promote equality and diversity effectively. Children celebrate festivals from different faiths and learn about the customs and beliefs of others. Children enjoy healthy meals and snacks and all children engage in good hygiene practices.

Outcomes for children are good

Children acquire the essential skills that they need for the next stage in their learning and their eventual move on to school. Children develop their creativity, imagination and small muscle movements well. They manipulate dough to make their own representations of snowmen. They decide which materials to use to represent their snowman’s eyes, nose, hat and scarf. They enjoy books and stories and enthusiastically take part in the repetitive sections of their favourite stories.

To access the full Ofsted report please visit Ofsted website https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/16/EY477979