• Inspection date - 22 November 2016 
    The quality and standards of the early years provision
    This inspection: Good  2  
    Effectiveness of the leadership and management - Good  2
    Quality of teaching, learning and assessment      - Good 2
    Personal development, behaviour and welfare     - Good 2 
    Outcomes for children                                       - Good  2
    Summary of key findings for parents
    This provision is good     
    • The manager and all staff show a strong commitment to the ongoing improvements in the group. They have worked hard with the local authority and made good progress since the last inspection. Staff, parents and children make positive contributions towards self-evaluation. The ongoing action plans identify areas for improvement and staff review the effectiveness of changes made.   
    • Staff are aware of each child's individual needs through the effective key-person system and good communication with parents. They provide a stimulating range of activities to engage children. Consequently, children make good progress, including those children in receipt of funding.   
    • Children behave very well. They are polite and show care towards each other. Staff act as positive role models to help children to learn how to cooperate and negotiate in their play through praise and positive recognition.   
    • Children form strong bonds and attachments with staff and peers, demonstrating that they are happy and settled. They are curious and imaginative, and confident to follow their own interests and ideas.   
    • Children display good independence skills. They show pride as they complete little tasks, such as setting the table for snack time, pouring their own drinks and clearing away their dishes after lunch.       
    It is not yet outstanding because:
    • Staff do not provide a wide range of stimulating opportunities and experiences outside to challenge those children who learn better outdoors.  
    What the setting needs to do to improve further    
    To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:
    • extend the learning opportunities outside so that a rich and varied range of activities is more readily available.
      Inspection activities
    • The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities and assessed the impact this has on children's learning. 
    • The inspector completed a joint observation with the manager.
    • The inspector had discussions with the manager and staff. She looked at relevant documentation, such as self-evaluation and evidence of the suitability of adults in the setting.
    • The inspector completed a joint observation with the manager.
    • The inspector took the views of parents into account.   

    Inspector  Helene Terry

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