• Helpful Information

    Mount Preschool staff have many years experience of caring for children. They are knowledgeable on a wide variety of childcare issues, such as

    • settling new children
    • helping with toilet training
    • head lice - what to look for and treatments
    • helping children understand bereavements
    • signs and symptoms of many childhood ailments (especially chicken pox)
    • getting children ready to start the next step towards their primary education

    If you have any questions about any aspect, please don't hesitate in asking a member of staff. 

  • Local primary schools & links

    Mount Preschool is almost opposite Moorlands Primary school on Moorlands Road, and as such we find that the majority of children who attend Mount Preschool, obtain a place at Moorlands when they are in their reception year.

    We have very close links with Moorlands and the Early Years Teachers.

    Mount Preschool children get an opportunity to be involved in lots of things at Moorlands, for example we go over to watch the reception and year 1 Nativity Play in December; we visit the Forest school area and learn about the environment, and we have visits to the reception classrooms and outside play area during June and July in preparation for starting school.

    The Early Years Teachers come across to visit us at Mount Preschool and we sometimes get the Catering Supervisor and crossing Patrol person to visit and tell the children about the work they do for school children.

  • Mumsnet link

    There is also lots of helpful advice on parenting websites like "mumsnet".

    Click on the mumsnet image to take you to their website to view some really useful advice.