May 2019 News

Welcome to the May edition of our newsletter.

We would like to welcome some new children to preschool this month Penelope, Esme, Aaron, Josh, Ayzah, Seamie, Estera, James, Lyla and Callum. We hope you enjoy your time at Preschool.

Outside Play area
Our outside play area has had some lovely new additions recently. We have a new water station complete with tubes and pipes for water play. Our tractor tyre has become a wildlife area with a mini pond, bug identification pictures and has been sown with seeds of wild flowers to encourage butterflies and bees. There are also chalk boards positioned around the walls for mark making.

All the children enjoy playing outside and as the weather is starting to warm up, may I remind you all about sun cream and sun hats! Please apply sun cream to your child before they arrive and we will apply again after lunch if they are here all day. Sun hats can be put in children’s tray or bag and PLEASE make sure that you write their name inside. We do have spare hats if you forget, but only a limited supply.
As the weather is still unpredictable, it is best to send your child with a coat or raincoat as they can always take it off if it gets warm but can’t put it on if it’s cold and not at preschool!

Closure days
Don’t forget we will be closed on Thursday 23rd May for the European Election polling day and Monday 27th May for Spring Bank Holiday. Open Friday 28th May as usual.

New Library Books
We have lots of new books in our library so regular borrowers will never get bored! Can I remind you please to bring your book back so that other children can borrow it, there are a few books that have been out for over a month now! All preschool books have a sticker on the front so they should be easy to identify. Thank you

Toys from home
Please do not encourage your child to bring toys from home, we have had some get broken and go missing which then causes distress to your child. If your child does bring a toy please leave it in their tray for home time. Thank you

Borrowed Clothing
Please ensure that ALL items of clothing that have been borrowed are sent back please. Sometimes we have to change children’s clothes due to accidents with water or at the toilet, our supply of trousers, socks and pants have diminished, and we are once again running out of spares. If your child has come home in our clothing, please return as soon as possible. Thank you.

Tuesday Morning Toddler session
Mount Preschool Toddlers is up and running every Term Time Tuesday morning between 9:00 am until 11:00 am. The cost is just £2 per family and includes a hot drink for the parent and a drink and snack of fruit for the children. Please tell your friends to come along too as all are welcome.
Lost Property
We have a basket full of items that have been left behind in the entrance hall. Please have a look through to see if any belong to your child.