• Welcome to the New Year edition of our newsletter.

    Happy New Year to you all. December has well and truly gone now, but we had some very good celebrations. The Christmas Nativity was well attended by many relatives, it was lovely to see the Church so full, and was a great success.
    Likewise, the two Christmas parties were lots of fun with party games and dancing. We would like to thank Father Christmas, his Chief Elf and Frosty the snowman for finding the time in their busy schedule to pay us a visit at each party. We hope all the children got to bed nice and early on Christmas eve and had a great Christmas Day.
    A big thank you from all the staff for the lovely gifts, biscuits and chocolates too, we shared everything out so that we could all enjoy the lovely treats.

    We have some new children starting this month, Zoha, Murray, Alana, Charlie, Adam, Scarlet and Lily-Mae. I am sure they will enjoy their time at preschool and settle in well.

    We are also welcoming two new members of staff this term, Tracy and Claudia.
    Both come with over 7 year’s childcare experience at local private nurseries. They are NVQ3 qualified and have pediatric first aid. We are sure both will add to the skills and diversity of the team.

    Jayne will be moving to a new job where she will be looking after children with special needs later this month and we wish her success in her new role.

    30 Hour funding codes
    Parents of children on 30 hours funding are reminded that their codes need to be updated every three months to ensure continuing with the extra funded hours. Parents can reconfirm their eligibility through their “Childcare Service Account” at http://www.gov.uk/sign-in-childcare-account An e-mail should be received prior to the reconfirmation date to remind you when this update is due.

    School Admissions
    The date for registering your child to start school this September is fast approaching. You have until Monday 15th January and you need a valid e-mail address and your child’s name and date of birth to register. The website suggests that it will take about 20 minutes to apply.
    Access to the on-line application form is through:-
    If you live outside of Kirklees, please refer to your local council website for details.
    This is for all children whose 4th birthday falls before the 31st August 2018, they will start Primary Education in September 2018.
    Names in Coats Please
    Please ensure that ALL items of clothing are named as we often have issues with not knowing which item belongs to which child. Pen written on a label inside the clothing works well and it saves the lost property basket getting full of unknown clothing. We also have a coat missing and a spare coat that hasn’t been collected (girls). Please can you check, especially if different members of family drop off and collect children. Thank you.

    Hats, scarves and gloves are best rolled together and stuck down coat sleeves, so they are easy to find and ensure all children are warm before going outside to play. If you bring different shoes/boots for outdoor play, please either put in a separate carrier bag or make sure your child’s name is written inside.

    Don’t Forget
    We have a Twitter feed which can update you with current items of news.
    We will use Twitter and Facebook if there is any bad weather or difficulties with getting to preschool during the winter months, so make sure you follow our links.
    Mount Preschool Ltd for our Facebook page
    @mount_preschool for Twitter

    Tuesday Morning Toddler session
    Mount Preschool Toddlers is up and running every Tuesday morning between 9:00 am until 11:00 am. The cost is just £2 per family and includes a hot drink for the parent and a drink and snack of fruit for the children. Please tell your friends to come along too as all are welcome.
    Free Gift for You and a Friend if they sign up their child for preschool.
    If you introduce a friend to Mount Preschool and their child starts attending, both children will receive a FREE uniform pack of a polo shirt, sweat shirt and preschool hat.
    Ask for a referral form.
    Funded term dates for parents
    Mount Preschool follow Kirklees council dates for funded terms to coincide with local schools. The academic year (September to July) is 38 weeks or 190 days long. Mount Preschool funded term dates are listed below.
    The next closure of Mount Preschool is the week following Easter so may I remind you that we close on Thursday 29th March at 6:00pm and then reopen on Monday 9th April for Holiday club at 7:30am. Holiday club runs until Friday 13th and term time only children restart on Monday 16th April.

    SPRING 2018
    Monday 8th Jan – Friday 16th Feb
    Monday 26th Feb – Thursday 29th March
    54 days
    SUMMER 2018
    Monday 16th April – Friday 25th May
    Monday 4th June – Tuesday 17th July
    61 days
    CLOSED Monday 7th May and Monday 28th May
    Wednesday 18th July until Friday 31st August
    CLOSED Monday 27th August Bank Holiday

    Nb. If Mount Preschool needs to close for any local or general elections, the date will be advised in advance and a funded day will be added to July.