• Welcome to the May edition of our newsletter.

    We hope everyone has had a good Easter break. This is the start of the Summer term and the last one of this academic year.

    We would like to welcome some new children this month, Shola, Skye, Phoebe, Francesca, Ellarni, Heidi, Reggie and Iram. We hope you all enjoy your time at Preschool.

    We have said a sad farewell to a member of staff, Mei Shan will be leaving us to work in a new setting in Doncaster. We wish her all the very best in her new job.


    As the government has called for a General Election, Mount Methodist Church is required to be a Polling Station and Mount Preschool will have to close on this date. Funded children will not be affected as the funded day will be added to the end of the Summer term in July. Children paying fees will not be charged. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we are not able to open at the same time as it is a Safeguarding issue.

    Spring Bank Half Term Holiday Club

    We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday May 29th and the holiday club will be open from Tuesday 30th until Friday June 2nd. You should have received a booking form in your Pidgeon hole, please complete and hand to a member of staff. If you require any different hours, please speak to Kay.

    Parents Evening

    Our parents evening will be held on Wednesday 10th May between 6pm and 8pm. If you haven’t been approached already by your child’s key worker, please book in a time slot so that you can come along and discuss your child’s progress. This is especially important for parents of children who will be starting primary school in September as there will be Transition Forms that need to be completed.

    If possible, could we please ask that children are not brought in to the parents evening as the room will be very busy with all staff and parents. If you cannot make the evening times, it may be possible to book time during the sessions, but this may be restricted due to other duties the staff have.

    People Who Help Us.

    On Wednesday 26thApril we had a visit from the local community police officer as part of our “People Who Help Us” week.

    The children asked her lots of questions and learnt about how police officers can help if children are lost or in trouble. They heard PC Hayley contact her base by walkie talkie and the man at the base said “Hello” to all the children. They were all given a sticker to remind them of her visit.

    Funded term dates

    Mount Preschool follow Kirklees council dates for funded terms to coincide with local schools. The academic year (September to July) is 38 weeks or 190 days long.  Mount Preschool funded term dates are listed below to show which 190 days are funded for 2016/17

    Autumn Term = 70 days                                Spring = 64 days

    SUMMER 2017

    Monday 24th April – Friday 26th May

    Monday 5th June – Wednesday 19th July

    56 days

    Please note that Mount Preschool needs to close for the general election on Thursday 8th June as the Church Hall is required to be a Polling Station.  Therefore, the funded day will be changed to Wednesday 19th July.


    Tuesday 30th May – Friday 2nd June

    Thursday 20th July until Friday 1st September